Two python files and to decrypt a message.

Woah woah guess who?! I have been given two python files and, I have inputted the message I needed to decode already in Said code is: 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 Which I believe is Base64 as the == at the end. I believe on Windows powershell I need to use a command something along the lines of: "python -i r.txt -o decrypted_msg.txt" r.txt being a text file with the code in. Using "python -h" I get the following: -h, --help show this help message and exit -i INPUT, --input INPUT input file -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT output file -c CIPHERS, --ciphers CIPHERS ciphers in numbers -m MASK, --mask MASK Mask for XOR -s SHIFT, --shift SHIFT Caesar shift amount If any help can be given, perhaps what I command I would need to input exactly, as I know the kind of direction but not exactly. Thanks.
DrJacob471d ago
here are said files
DrJacob468d ago
I have got this far: python -i decrypt_msg.txt -o decrypted_msg.txt -c 5 -s 7 -m 153 Ok so I believe said command above was what was used to encrypt the message, not decrypt. Any ideas how one would reverse it?