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Design a network diagram in Cisco Packet Tracer

Can anyone please help me to how to make this.
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How to link the keycap back?

I know and i am very sorry that this isnt really a software problem,its hardware since i broke the plastic of the keycap holder. Does anyone know or have any ideas how to make it be hold evenly since when i press on 1 too much it goes offset and sticks out. Maybe to fix with s tape,thread,paper? Please give me ideas. Thanks.
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A resolved issue, but I wanted to know why it happened

So yesterday, I was connecting to my home wifi. Upon successfully connecting, I tried opening a website, but it said "No internet" and didn't load the site. Tried switching the wifi off, then on again, then reloading, but it didn't work. Kept getting the "There is something wrong with the proxy server or the address is incorrect" error. So I switched off the wifi and then switched on the mobile data, then reloaded. The site loaded this time. So then I switched off the mobile data and switched o...

Proxmox and cloudflared Tunnelling

Hi! Currently i am trying to configure one of my machines, proxmox is up and running and uses the ip. Id like it to use my domain so i am using cloudflared tunneling. I add the public hostname and the ip of the server yet its not working! As well as this eventually all of my externally hosted servers will use proxmox and cloudflared tunneling. How would i connect them?...
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Someone else's wifi hijacks my wifi repeater and disables my internet!

I have a 1 gigabit fiber connection to a router called Livebox 6 that i dont have acces to, and from that there is a wireless repeater that I have acces to in my apartment. When i connect through my local port i connect to an archer mr200 instead of the router downstairs. That router was not setup by its owner so i was able to create a login to its control center and reboot it. While the archer mr200 was rebooting my repeater connected to the correct router (Livebox 6) and my wifi works perfectly. but right when the archer mr200 is started again it hijacks my repeater again. I would appreciate a discord call and live help from anyone who would like to tackle this problem!...

RAM issue

Hello im not a tech person at all so i joined this server to see if i can get help. I was streaming to my friend and he tried to get my computer running better since i thought i had drive issues. I opened task manager and he says that my pc is running 65%-80% of memory idle while the things open dont add up to enough gigs or something can someone help me figure out why my laptop is using so much memory but not showing anything adding up to that memory

Ioncube on a plesk server

Hi, I have vps with plesk on it, i am going to install ioncube on it because i have a website hosted (As a ''customer''.)that needs it for whmcs on the back to work. But because of it being hosted it has restricted rights to my server, it has it's own space and can't interact with the the main vps directories. Because of this, it can't see some files of the ioncube installed on my server.

Agent install to local machine without removing it from server terminal:

Hi all. Quick question. I need to install an application agent onto several local machines however when they login, it automatically directs them to the server terminal. When we try run the agent it asks me to remove the local machine off the server terminal. Any advice?


I need to factory reset this pc because it is fucked up to hell and back But i cant even access the options menu due to said fuck ups...

Homelab Help

Hi all im really struggling to try and wrap my head around how to properly config my homelab! Please see the photo of the current network layout. My main intentions are to be able to host websites, a game server panel and node and for it to be secure! I was slated for having all of this on one debian server and to be fair it was causing issues....
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Port Forwarding Issue

Hey im not really quite smart in port forwarding and i need help. Im trying to start a minecraft server for my friends and im a self hosted mc server and i need help to give out a address for people out of my state to join my mc server. i dont want ngrok or as we have connections and network issues. ive followed a tutorial for TP- LINK Wireless Router Archer C1200 and it didnt work for some reason.

Help required getting ISO compliant.

Hi guys, I'm a current college studying, intern in an IT startup. I have been given the task of getting the company ISO complaint. I have done a meticulous study about ISO standards particularly the 27001 and 27701 standard. Theoretically i have understood what the framework is. Although, now since i have to practically implement it, i'm a little lost as to how to initiate and get everything ready for auditing, like what and how to get things documented. The ISO given framework only sets out vag...

Bot issue

I don't have permission to use @Dank Memer in any channel


What should i download?
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What should i do?
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Windows 11 VMware Workstation Pro 17.5.1 | NAT Service | rollback and reinstall

has anyone recently had issues with their vmware workstation pro? My NAT service has been consuming tons of resources on my host. Recently, networking in all of my vms stopped working. I tried changing MACs, setting to bridged/nat, verified vmtools were installed, bounced the VMware NAT service, reset virtual network editor to defaults, i manually set the network interface as well with no help. This is when i starting going to forums for help and then i got screwed. It seems like ever since version 17, there has been NAT issues and someone recommended rolling back until vmware resolves the issues. So i tried this and it broke all of my vms. "The configuration file "C:\Users\user.....vmx" was created by a VMware product that is incompatible with this version of VMware Workstation and cannot be used. Cannot open the configuration file. I started freaking out, reinstalled 17.5.1, and all my vms were still busted. My linux machines were booting to an emergency state. after another few hours of trying to troubleshoot, i tried reverting to a previous snapshot, and they came back up with no issues....


Hey I got a task to create a Suricata rule to detect the failed login credentials while logging to Wazuh, can anyone help me to fix it please. Thank you...

How to access my VM when setting up my virtual router?

I am trying to understand how I'm supposed to access my VM and also setup my pfsense router. My issue is that I have an existing network that I want to transition over to pfsense to it can manage it. I have a dual nic on my proxmox server and I've setup pci pass-through to this pfsense vm i've created. I'm not really sure how im supposed to connect to the VM once I move the ethernet cables from my existing infra into the dual NIC on the server. is there a way to power on and open a shell to a VM...

Beef over WAN

so i have a practical where i have to setup Beef over WAN so i use ssh -R 80:localhost:3000 [email protected] and generate a tunnel here i get a link that i put in beef config file and in the index file of my Apache server with /hook.js and ssh -R 80:localhost:80 [email protected] to genreate a QR to use as a median to get anyone to scan and get to my Apache server and i try and also get the index page but didn't get any response in beef panel so any one with any knowledge about this or any video or notes to perfrom this in other way it will be very helpful...

solution for cgnat

i need a solution to port forward from home server running win11 over network while connected to a cgnat network