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Virtual Box kali linux issue

help me with it pls
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Network Help

so i have a rgh xbox 360 and i host a stealth server( for xbox 360) and this dude sends thousands of fake bots to my listener trying to crash it, he opened my xex file in ida which he seen a good structure of the listener, Without the listener no one can connect....

I need help! on OT/ICS

Hello, I need some help. If anyone knows about Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS), can you please give me some project ideas about it?

anybody has notes for Disassembler vs. Decompiler

because i wants to make a presentation about this, so if anyone have some note or book to refer it will be helpful and by the way i am new to the server so hello everyone...

hacked problem

From the beginner point of view how to know whether a pc is hacked or not and if then how to solve the problem
ZHZagreus Hades1/28/2024

General question

Does anybody know of an extension/website or a VPS where I can simulate an ubuntu environment and install golang on it's terminal? I don't want to download it to my PC, so just checking if there's a way to access it from online.

Malware how to remove

Can anyone help me with this program that showed ob my laptop i cant remove it , its called x firefox and only appewrs on task manager at start up i hv it disabled but i wanna remove it entirely

need help on AI

Hello i am a student and I have an end year project about detecting DNS attacks with AI but I don't know how to start. Can you give me some tips if you have some please?

Zoom Phone Offboarding

I work for a company that recently switched to Zoom and I am having trouble figuring out how to handle offboarding. Some of the numbers linked to people's accounts are going to need to be forwarded to another team member who's going to handle the outgoing employee's case load. How is this possible? If I have to remove the outgoing employee from the company's account, then I need to unbind their number. I've been just assigning the unbound number to whom ever is handling that persons stuff (in...

Blocking ads via the Windows Firewall

Ad Blocker is a type of software whose purpose is to block advertisements that appear on websites. Chief among them is a browser add-on called AdBlock. The AdBlock mechanism includes many ways to identify advertisements and block them, among them by common words (ad for example), by behavior on the page and also by blacklists of IP addresses. In the next exercise, you must go to Magashim's B&B reservation website ( and with the help of the Windows firewall, reach a state where no advertisements appear at all. * Please note, if your browser already has an ad blocker running, you must suspend it before solving the exercise by clicking on Don't run on pages on this site. ...

VNC server Windows 10

which vnc is reliable and after chosen one how to set up it to connect with a vnc viewer....

Computer Had a stroke now everything loads super slow...

Hello, my computer recently randomly started acting up and became super slow.. Impossible to click on anything without it having a 5 -10 second delay before it processes. I did a full PC wipe after backing up all my files. After clearing all drives and redownloading windows... I got all my files redownloaded on my pc. It maybe improved 1% but still is super slow! The drives are no where near full. I have 32 GB of ram, reapplied thermal paste on the cpu after 7 years... Anyone have any solutions?

SSL stripping and detecting a possible malware infection

Hey folks, can someone with cyber security skills assist me with something? I rented a bedroom where the wifi was managed by the landlord and I believe he was ssl stripping everyone (my https certs were downgraded), and he knows alot of things he shouldn't, is there anyone that can help me test if my Android or pc is compromised? I moved out a few months ago however...

AAL layers

i have this question ive ben stuck on for a while if anyone can help out, AAL2, AAL3/4 and layers receive data at 3 Mbps. a) How many cells are created per second from an AAL2? b) How many cells are created per second from an AAL3/4?...
NRNour Rhm12/4/2023

Help i need some suggestion or idea

hi everyone, my teacher at university gives us several projects every month. one of the projects is a compressed file protected by a password. the goal is to try to find out what's in the file. i've tried dictionary attacks, brute force attacks etc.. however, my teacher isn't the type to give us something simple, so i've reanalyzed the file and i know it's been compressed by winrar version 5.0. however, i haven't found a CVE or anything that can help me in my research and my exploit. can anyone...

SQLi without spaces - CTF

Hi guys!! How are you? I’m struggling with a CTF challenge from a event in my town, and I’m stuck in a SQLi vulnerability. Until now, I figured out there is a SQLi, but I can’t understand how can I exploit it. May the experts can help me 😂😅...
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i got doxxed

I was in a discord server and they found out my whole full name. They were able to go on facebook and find out what fraternity I am in. I am just worried they will find out my workplace and my home address. WOrse my SSN. What do I do?

Creating a Virtual Machine Sandbox for some malware analysis.

I'm trying to create a virtual machine with oracle virtualbox using windows 10. I've downloaded both the VirtualBox and windows 10 iso file. However, I'm going to be using this virtual machine for malware testing and as of what I've researched there is quite a bit of precautions that need to be done for it not to spread to my host network. I was wondering if anyone had like an up to date 2023 video or tutorial I could follow to set this whole thing up as there is loads of tutorials but they seem...


hi is there anyone know how to decrypt the wordfile with have 8 passwords that have symbols, lowercase,uppercase and digits with a more faster way, bcos now I am using hashcat and require very long time to decrypt😭