GPU usage dips when playing

my gpu usage goes 100% then 14% then 65% then 45% then 99%.. you get the point, why?
Muta451d ago
Update drivers
Deleted User451d ago
they are updated already lol
Muta450d ago
This dipping in gpu could be due to the nature of workload gpu is handling , for example as workload changes, the gpu usage will also change accordingly. Additionaly it could also be caused by the gpu switching between different power states or clock speeds in order to conserve energy and balance performance. The dips you seeing could be caused by the game or application pausing or waiting for certain tasks to complete, for example rendering chunks in minecraft and when its done usage drops down , also it could be due to the gpu switching to a lower power state to save energy if you have like gtx 1650 Applications in background you are using could also affect that