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Hello everyone, I'm currently facing a challenge but it's an issue. I've got an Acer aspire one kav60 laptop with 2GB of ram installed. So I'm wondering what Linux distro will work on it and can it be used for big bounty programs?.. it's a 32 bit system
Mitzu443d ago I did some research and for your laptop these might be the way to go. as far as bug bounties go, @weet might be able to further answer that and possibly even recommend a linux distro for you! hopefully this helps get you in the right direction! 🙂
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ParrotOS might have a 32-bit installer but 32-bit is so uncommon nowadays, you're might find difficulty with it. You can always get a random distro and just add the tools you need but there may be some tools that assume 64-bit is being used
Seth_khalif442d ago
Yeah like burp proxy only works on 64-bit