Port forwarding

So I have a netgear nighthawk rax43 and i have port 25565,80,443,2022,19132,22 All open and they are also configured on my ubuntu server machine I'm not sure what to do when I use https://portchecker.co to check it it always says closed Please help
Port Checker - Check Open Ports Online
Port Checker is a simple tool to check for open ports and test port forwarding setup on your router. Verify and diagnose connection errors on your computer.
Marshy389d ago
i also have dhcp setup And my isp is spectrum its running ubuntu 22.04
Jack | CatalystVM.com389d ago
Hi @marshyo Did you make sure to port forward on your ubuntu servers IP address? local IP ie (192.168.1.X) (10.0.0.X)
Marshy381d ago
i port forwarded the ip that's connected to my server in my router yeah
Jack | CatalystVM.com381d ago
What kind of router do you have? @marshyo oh i’m sorry you mentioned that before could you perhaps take a picture of the connected devices then your port forwards
Marshy379d ago
Yeah sure
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