instagram being hacked

apparantly one of my friend have hacked my insta account and took screenshots of my messages with my crush (which apparently is his crush too) i wonder how he did this and i also wanna secure our account - idk if it was my account or the opposite party's account
Deleted User381d ago
Have you seen the screenshots? You can narrow down which side the breach came from by simply seeing whos messages are on the right vs the left side
Muta381d ago
My Instagram was Hacked | Instagram Support
Get Instagram support for account access issues including hacked or disabled accounts, problems logging in and impersonation.
RandomUser801379d ago
yes, later i realised my messages was in left. so it was the other account well i want to know how he hacked it
Deleted User379d ago
99% sure it wasn't hacked, but rather your friend was sent those screenshots
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