jvn0x015mo ago


I live in village and sell milk and cheese in city and I want to scale up my business now I'm making around 1k$
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DirtyJ15mo ago
I'd recommend looking at successful competitors or even doing market research in that field to determine the best avenues of growth and revenue streams that can be implemented. Depending on where you are in your business processes, using frameworks such as Lean Six Sigma can also be a significant way to streamline and add value to your existing operations. This is a cybersecurity server so we may be a bit limited when it comes to recommending agricultural business growth strategies, but Google (and possibly even ChatGPT) will definitely be your friend as you continue expanding your business.
Muta15mo ago
Welp, one of the ways to grow business is to sell your products to big distributors or existing companies that have large customer base and a reliable delivery system. That way you can get a stable and long term income from selling but at a cost of lower price. Ofc to sell your products ,you need to make sure that they are safe, and met with standards which you need to check with FDA or EU guidelines to get the necessary licenses and certifications for your products to show them that they are clean,sanitary etc. You also need to have product liability insurance in case of any issues or complaints from the customers if any of them get poisoned or karen sues because they found hair in your milk... So like many well known people said - "dont change it , cuz you might break it"