my rockstar games account has been hacked

basically my rockstar account has been hacked, found out when i went to buy red dead redemption again, happened about a month ago email and password associated with the account have been changed but i have managed to log onto the account using my microsoft account, which is still linked to the account i need to figure out what this guy has set the password to to change it back, i tried the easy thing of changing the input type of the line to text rather than password but the stars cannot be selected basically just looking for help to change these details back tried creating a support ticket for help but rockstar sent the recovery code to the guy instead
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The only method we can advise for recovering your account with another service would be to continue working with their support team. Any methods of gaining access to your account without the current credentials assigned to it would most likely violate their terms of service and result in the account being permanently disabled.
mattie271d ago
i would think that but they sent the recovery email to the hacker still trying to get back in the account is locked by a 6 letter password rockstar support is fucking useless
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