OSI Model Layers Question

So I mostly get the OSI model I understand the basics of, for isntance, FTP, HTTP, DNS, TCP/IP, etc. - but I notice that if I'm asked "what layer is *abc *in based on xyz" I'm struggling to place it accurately. I wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a resource on this specific area of the OSI model. I should be fine but I want to fill in the gap.
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I'll ask what part of the "what layer is abcin based on xyz" gets you the most? Is the understanding of what the "ABC technology" is or the actual OSI model confusing you? Also, a few good resources I like and share, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LANW3m7UgWs https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/osi-model-networking-layers-explained-in-plain-english/
OSI Model Explained | Real World Example
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The OSI Model – The 7 Layers of Networking Explained in Plain Engli...
This article explains the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and the 7 layers of networking, in plain English. The OSI model is a conceptual framework that is used to describe how a network functions. In plain English, the OSI model helped standardize the way computer systems send information to each
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This really helped! Turns out I didn't really get exactly how it worked. I think I was confused about starting on layer 7 and going down, and maybe I didn't quite realize it went in reverse on the other side? But I get now that Layer 1 is the most basic as in hardware and Layer 7 is where it all starts in the software. or Layer 7 is the first point of contact for the sender and the last for the receiver, and Layer 1 is the first point of contact for the receiver and Last for the Sender