Need help choosing what to do for my future in cybersecurity (PLEASE READ)

Im a full time college student getting my bachelors in IT and cyber , i do 40 hrs a week in college, but i saw that the highest earning cyber graduates did a year in IT help desk while they were studying, I want to do this , but my cousin tells me i wont be able too manage, I wanted to get my cert in A+ and networking+ and do IT , but now im not sure what to do , what should i do while studying in college , for my absolute best future in this industry?
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Getting a degree still makes a person more hire-able in the US, unfortunately. But, as reported on Adam Ruins College, the type and status of the college doesn't really matter today. So, today, Id get a degree for the least amount of money possible, probably from a place like Western Governor's University (with which I have no affiliation). WGU has a good cybersecurity program that includes certifications that play well with governnments and such. I still feel there is great value in getting a liberal arts degree and adding your own technical certifications and projects to supplement that. The tech field suffers from lack of communication and other basic human skills and knowledge. Consider a language degree, or philosophy, anything that has you read a lot. One of the great benefits of college is self-discovery and there is nothing better than the liberal arts for this. If you make sure to keep the cost of the college education to an absolute minimum, then getting a liberal arts degree will help you stand out from the rest, so long as you add in your own tech skills. It will also prepare you better for positions of leadership and influence if that is something you want to pursue. The only time liberal arts this would be bad is if you truly want to get into deep computer science fields such at quantum computing. If you want motivation, watch V for Vendetta and bask in the raw motivation and timely relevance it provides. There is much more to living than a job, but tech will give you latitude to explore those things. Tech is a great enabler, both to create your own inventions, and prostitute yourself to fat corporations for your own gain.