Idk if im wording this right.

I was wondering if someone could kinda guide or teach me a little about code stuff. Maybe just enough 2 be able 2 like build a bot on discord (Just for now and possiblyPython, or Node.js) I have always been interested in it but I have issues lol, and also another thing Im also very intrested in actual technology stuff such as Cyber career or stuff in the same family as it. I just dont know where 2 start and I guess Im sorta just asking for a guide real quick? Someone help me get on the path I need for this stuff ya know? I Gotta computer and (Id also like to learn more about computer stuff as well if needed) I guess I have the potential persay but its confusing when I never actually been introduced to it or known where 2 go to start.
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Should I do this or no? ^
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This >> (there is some material for coding too), for motivation about this field I recommend watching some LiveOverflow, John Hammond, and the Hackerman movie "Mr. Robot." . As per Discord bot development, because that is quite specific, you should dig into documentation as there are many additional features that you could implement and learn to understand it (since you will have to read a lot of documentation, you may just get good at it). In the end, exercise, eat healthily, and plan everything in advance.
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P.S If you are thinking this as a 🤑 obtain certifications. Even if you secure a job position, I also recommend getting a liberal arts degree, such as something in communication or language, because you would be surprised how many people lack those skills (it would also help you advance into managerial positions laterally ) .💸
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I appreciate the feedback.🙏🏻 Gotta big journey it seems lol.
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