Resolve /app in Flatpak's /proc/<pid/maps

Hello, guys. I really need some help here, I have asked this in so many places and have never gotten a response. Basically, on Linux there's the /proc/<pid>/maps file which displays the paths of loaded modules. Something like this 50000000-5100000 rwx- /usr/lib/ I have a program to parse that file which helps a lot in process injections and stuff. It works fine on most cases. But there is a problem with Flatpaks. They use a virtual path /app to refer to the installation path of the Flatpak itself. I need a programmatic way to resolve the /app path into a real path. E.g /app/myapp should be like /home/some_user/.var/org.test.Test/mybin. Maybe there's a way to disable this virtual path from Flatpak itself, or a way to resolve it using regular Linux APIs?
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Before someone says something, yes, I have asked this in the Flatpak forum (no reply as of now): discourse . flathub . org/t/resolve-real-path-of-app-from-proc-pid-maps/5101
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Resolve real path of /app from /proc//maps
Hello, I have a separate program that parses /proc//maps and returns the loaded modules. It seem though that all Flatpak apps do not show the real path of the modules, instead it shows /app/ for example. I need to find a way to get the real path of the modules, either by resolving /app in some way or have Flatpak show the real pat...
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But man, this is definitely way over my head. Whenever I get a free moment, I'll see if maybe I can dig up something, but truthfully you've probably already looked at everything I'd dig up and you've probably got more experience with this specific thing Very interesting question, though. Let me know if they get back to you on the flatpak forum
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