Creating a Virtual Machine Sandbox for some malware analysis.

I'm trying to create a virtual machine with oracle virtualbox using windows 10. I've downloaded both the VirtualBox and windows 10 iso file. However, I'm going to be using this virtual machine for malware testing and as of what I've researched there is quite a bit of precautions that need to be done for it not to spread to my host network. I was wondering if anyone had like an up to date 2023 video or tutorial I could follow to set this whole thing up as there is loads of tutorials but they seem slightly outdated. So I'm trying to find a similar tutorial but for VirtualBox 7.0 the latest version. Any help is appreciated.
You139d ago
Don't give the VM access to the internet and read what the malware code does before running it unless you're 100% sure it won't do any VM escape tricks (VM escapes are very rare, but possible). That's pretty much it.