anybody has notes for Disassembler vs. Decompiler

because i wants to make a presentation about this, so if anyone have some note or book to refer it will be helpful and by the way i am new to the server so hello everyone
You68d ago
You probably can't make more than like max 10 slides about this topic Just a by the way I don't have any books or notes But you could read on how decompilers actually work It's pretty interesting
Zoro68d ago
DirtyJ68d ago
the tldr for those is disassemblers take you from machine code to assembly, decompilers get you from machine code/bytecode/opcodes to something in a higher level language As for the intricacies into how they work that'll definitely be a trip to google. Worth looking at how compilers/assembly works too while you're at it, super cool topics and help you understand how to do it in reverse
Zoro68d ago
okay thanks
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