MD•5mo ago

Help With My Dissertation Project.

Hey guys just need some help with my project. Basically what i need is a lot of malware files or virus files that i can open up on my computer and edit the code inside. I basically need to test anti virus software on a VM using my own malware files. With advice the best way to go about this is to get malware files that are already made and improve them with a few lines of code and essentially that classes as my own malware file. My question is where can i get malware files that won't harm my computer but im allowed to open them up on a editor for example vs code and work on them. Id also like to have the malware code as an .exe file so when i run it on the VM machine i have a seperate machine that will show me what the file is actually doing. But really what i need is a place where i can download some of these files and they aren't actually files that will harm my computer but files that are disabled malware lets say and i can edit them and later on test the same files against anti - virus software. Any links or tips or videos to help guide me in this will be greatly apprieciated.
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DirtyJ•5mo ago
I don't think Discord enjoys sharing those kinds of resources here, even for educational purposes. Though some googling will eventually bring you to a fat github repo that throws a "dangerous site ahead" warning. The one I remember gives you compiled stuff, not source, so some decompilation may be required. @weet might be more familiar with the industry standard practices for that kinda stuff, but just know we may be limited on this platform as far as sharing the resources themselves
MD•5mo ago
Ah right thats fine thanks for the tips. I probably just need like 5 or 6 sample source codes that i can edit slightly and then run on the VM. Thanks for the reply 👍
E-Man•5mo ago
💀 Write your own malware man, don't do it on your own machine. Spin up a hardened virtual machine to do this on. I think the only resource I can recommend on this discord is Caldera, and deploy a C2 agent and do it that way. That'd class as malware. Specifically virus resources... write your own in Go. That way you can talk about what the anti virus softwares are supposed to detect vs what they actually did Map it to MITRE, explain the Anti-Virus mitigation control