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My group has been given a task to make a responsive testbed. My test bed consists of qubo smart bell, smart led bulbs, smoke detector, okos door sensor connected to local network (wifi). Responsive in a way say my door sensor senses the door open or closed and the lights lightup as a response. I do have scripts to control lightbulbs connecting via local network. But having difficulty on how to connect to doorbell or door sensor. I was thinking if I have a way to extract data for door sensors /bells I can then just run my lightbulb scripts. How can I extract data from bell/sensor. I was thinking of taking it from the app of the user but dont know how to. Thankyou for any help 🫡
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DirtyJ5mo ago
I'm not too familiar with those specific devices, but I bet someone out there has done it before. Specifically some open source projects like this might have logic you can take inspiration from: https://github.com/home-assistant/core
GitHub - home-assistant/core: :house_with_garden: Open source home ...
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