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Windows 11 VMware Workstation Pro 17.5.1 | NAT Service | rollback and reinstall

has anyone recently had issues with their vmware workstation pro? My NAT service has been consuming tons of resources on my host. Recently, networking in all of my vms stopped working. I tried changing MACs, setting to bridged/nat, verified vmtools were installed, bounced the VMware NAT service, reset virtual network editor to defaults, i manually set the network interface as well with no help. This is when i starting going to forums for help and then i got screwed. It seems like ever since version 17, there has been NAT issues and someone recommended rolling back until vmware resolves the issues. So i tried this and it broke all of my vms. "The configuration file "C:\Users\user.....vmx" was created by a VMware product that is incompatible with this version of VMware Workstation and cannot be used. Cannot open the configuration file. I started freaking out, reinstalled 17.5.1, and all my vms were still busted. My linux machines were booting to an emergency state. after another few hours of trying to troubleshoot, i tried reverting to a previous snapshot, and they came back up with no issues. However, i did lose my most recent project, and im kind of pissed about the whole thing. Has anyone else delt with this before? if so, how did you resolve the issue? I saw in some forums about people editing the vmx file, but im not too comfortable with that.
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C0ff334C0DE2mo ago
yeah i did i reinstalled Vmware and removed the drivers