♡liaaa3w ago

RAM issue

Hello im not a tech person at all so i joined this server to see if i can get help. I was streaming to my friend and he tried to get my computer running better since i thought i had drive issues. I opened task manager and he says that my pc is running 65%-80% of memory idle while the things open dont add up to enough gigs or something can someone help me figure out why my laptop is using so much memory but not showing anything adding up to that memory
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You3w ago
If you have 4 gigs of ram or less, it's probably just Windows being Windows. If you have more than that, you most likely have a lot of unnecessary programs running on the background. Check your start up programs or whatever it's called and remove everything that seems unnecessary. If the issue still persists, reinstall Windows and don't install random programs that you don't need.
Wagon3w ago
Hello! I am going to elaborate a bit, your pc’s operating system which in this case is windows will often take a good chunk of your ram just for the operation required to keep your pc on and that usage may not always reflect in task manager. Like the gentleman before me said, make sure you dont have unused or unnecessary programs running in the background. Would you be able to provide me with the exact specs of your PC(RAM and CPU). Because unfortunately at a certain point your efforts may be in vain if your computers fallen to far behind the times