Managed Devices from Microsoft to Google Workspace

Does anybody have any experience migrating a company from Microsoft to Google Workspace? The company transitioned to Workspace with no real plan and now here I am scrambling for answers. I know that we need to install GCPW (most likely)...i think. LOL, that's speculation. If anybody is a pro Google admin could you please reach out? I'll buy you a coffee or something
DirtyJ38d ago
@Wagon might
Wagon38d ago
This the page for you
Wagon38d ago
Migrate from Exchange or Exchange Online to Google Workspace - Goog...
The process of migrating from Microsoft Exchange to Google Workspace involves these major steps. Click a step for more information about the tools, resources, and best practices to help you move your
Wagon38d ago
Its been a minute and the last migration i did was smaller but I may be able to answer some questions
JEC28d ago
Eyyyyy, I forgot I posted this. Thank you guys SO MUCH for replying. I'll have a look! Thanks!
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