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Created by CoffeeandPunkrock666 on 6/20/2023 in #❓︱support-requests
Fake pictures?/False profile?/Hacked?
Hello, I'm not one to post on a public form. But, I'm in a tough spot to say the least. So I'll just tell my story, I was at work slinging coffees as one does a Dunkin Donuts. And then my manager asked I come to the office. So I obligated. HR in formed me to go home because of a "customer complaint". So as anyone would do, thinking it's probably just a Karen complain about her coffee or tea I figure "well this will blow over" Boy, was I wrong. I end up getting a call from HR terminating my position over images of alleged conversations with a minor (which are neither highly doctored or made with two phones texting back and forth?) Basically HR is giving me till the end of the week to prove my innocent. Anyway i could get any aid with this situation? I'm not usually the one to reach out for help but at this point really desperate and have no clue what to do with all the lack of resources there are. Tried getting a hold of facebook(meta) and really anything I could think of. Thank you.
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